Tara Pixel Art

Pixel art of Tara's mask

Elijah's Mask Design Resized

Elijah Velomoore's original mask

Tara is the main phantom of Everlite Elementary, and appears the most often. She appears to be able to teleport, and will sometimes teleport close to you like in her jumpscare, but subsequently teleport away. Her mask has a blue scar on it, and two red triangles, one in her forehead and the other on the side of her face. If you use the Security Camera, she will be in the Kindergarten Classroom looking at blocks.

Usually, Tara jumpscares you by randomly teleporting in front of you, but she will occasionally appear at the entrance to the room before doing so. If you view one of the masks(made for a project) in the 3rd Grade Classroom, repeatedly the words "Not your property" will flicker on screen. Exiting the view will trigger Tara jumpscaring you.