The Shadows are mysterious creatures that exist in Everlite Elementary. They are entirely harmless on their own. However, some do jumpscare the player and some summon one of the phantoms to the area.

Mirror Shadow Edit

The Mirror Shadow appears in the Boys' Bathroom, and is harmless. It appears standing behind the player when they look in the mirror, hence its name. It can only be seen in the mirror and will not be there if you turn around. It may simply disappear when the player turns around, or it may exist solely in the mirror. It is unknown as of yet.

Resting Shadow Edit

The Resting Shadow is so named because it sits in the corner of the Girls' Bathroom where Tarah Velomoore was killed by Haruti. If the player walks near enough to it, it will leap out of the corner and jumpscare the player using Tara's jumpscare, after which it disappears. Tara will then be present behind the player, and turning around will lose the game.

Waking Shadow Edit

The Waking Shadow is an active shadow that appears in many different places in the game. It appears to have taken on the slumped position of Raita, the head (or at least horn) of Tara, and the glowing eyes of Mongrel. It appears in different locations by quickly flitting across the screen. It is known to do this while the player is viewing the camera, and also when they are in the Principal's Office.