The Security Camera is a computer hooked up to a network of video cameras throughout Everlite Elementary. While the school was running, it was used by security guards to keep an eye on the school at night. The Security Camera is in the room you start in, and can be a very useful tool.

Using the Security CameraEdit

To use the Security Camera, simply click on the computer. This will bring up a UI of different rooms that can be viewed using it. The room it defaults to viewing is the main hallway. The other rooms that it can view are:

Classroom Hallway, Gymnasium/Auditorium, Computer Lab, Principal's Office, Counselor's Office, Front Doors, Teacher's Lounge, Band/Choir Room, Classroom Hallway Foyer, Lunch Foyer/Kitchen, West Janitor's Closet, East Janitor's Closet, Kindergarten Classroom, 1st Grade Classroom, 2nd Grade Classroom, 3rd Grade Classroom, 4th Grade Classroom, 5th Grade Classroom, and unknown (camera disconnected).

The Security Camera can reveal some things about the game before you play it. You can see every phantom except Haruti before beginning the adventure. Shatterstone can be viewed by looking at the front doors. He will stay there until you have been watching the front door for a cumulative time of 90 seconds. He will then disconnect the camera for a few seconds. When the camera turns back on, he will be gone. Tara can be viewed in the kindergarten classroom. She will be sitting, apparently playing with some kindergarteners' blocks. She will not leave that spot while you are watching; however, she will not be there if you walk there physically. Raita can be seen in the East Janitor's Closet hanging from the ceiling for a split second. He can be found in the same manner in the Counselor's Office. Mongrel can be viewed by simply viewing the West Janitor's Closet, where he always hides. If you do so, he will be staring directly at the camera with red, glowing eyes.

Summoning Via the Security CameraEdit

The Security Camera can also be used to summon the phantoms into the office where you begin the game.

Tara cannot be summoned using the camera, but she can be summoned simply by standing facing the camera in the security office for a cumulative time of 150 seconds (two and a half minutes). She will then appear scratching at the window overlooking the Gymnasium/Auditorium. You then have two seconds to enter the Security Camera. Once done, you must view the Gymnasium/Auditorium within one second. If any of these steps are not completed, Tara's jumpscare will play and you will lose. If they are completed successfully, you can safely leave the camera.

Shatterstone can be viewed by looking at the rooms with exits from the school (the places he guards) in alphabetical order. This is the Band/Choir Room, the Classroom Hallway Foyer, the Computer Lab, the Front Doors, the Gymnasium/Auditorium, and then the Kindergarten Classroom. If you proceed to lower the Security Camera, he will be standing halfway inside the right door. You have one second to enter the camera before he jumpscares you and you lose. Note that this one second is a cumulative time, so if you summon Shatterstone again he will jumpscare you almost immediately.

Raita can be summoned by looking at the Teacher's Lounge for a cumulative time of three minutes. If done correctly, the screen will begin to flicker while you are watching. Viewing another room will cancel the summoning, and it cannot be done again. If, however, you immediately lower the camera, Raita will be in front of you. There is no way to escape his jumpscare, and a small crack will appear in his mask before he attacks.

Mongrel can be summoned by looking at the West Janitor's Closet, where he resides, then the Kindergarten Classroom, the unknown camera, and then back to the West Janitor's Closet. It will now be empty and you can no longer view other rooms. Exiting the camera will reveal that he is now hanging upside-down from the ceiling, and extending two wires into the camera. After one second, his jumpscare will play, and you will lose.

Haruti can be summoned by looking, in order, at the 4th Grade Classroom, the Classroom Hallway, the Lunch Foyer/Kitchen, the East Janitor's Closet, and the Gymnasium/Auditorium. If done correctly, the mural of the Everlite Hens mascot on the wall will have pitch-black eyes with tiny, red pupils, and be crying blood. Nothing can be done now, and after a few seconds the camera will auto-exit. Haruti will be standing, looking at you with his head slightly to the side. After a few seconds he will jumpscare you and you will lose.