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This is the Everlite Wiki, a wiki about the horror-themed game made by SadGhoster87!


Everlite is a WIP 2014 PowerPoint video game made by SadGhoster87. In the game, you explore an abandoned school while trying to avoid the phantasmic mask-wearing creatures: Tara, Shatterstone, and Raita. There is a camera inside the first room you can use to survey some of the other rooms and hallways in Everlite Elementary.

The game so far features five phantom-like monsters: Tara, the main creature that shows up the most often and has a scarred, bloody mask; Shatterstone, who guards the exits to the school and has a mask riddled with diamonds; Mongrel, a creature with a sliced open mask filled with teeth who hides in the West Janitor's Closet; Haruti, a strange, golden monster not wearing any mask who can only be summoned using the Security Camera; and Raita, a mysterious phantom who can sometimes be seen, for a split second, hanging from ceilings in various rooms.

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